Take Part Right Now!!!
As a member of our database your input and attendance at our focus groups and interviews is of vital importance to our continued success. Please read the following terms and conditions and then complete the registration form – by doing so it is presumed that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Must be able to feel confident in expressing opinions in a group of approximately 8 people
  • Must be truthful with regard to your personal details and your knowledge/use of the product or service being researched.
  • Must respect the clients wishes in respect of confidentiality as requested.
  • Agree for any session to be audio and/or video recorded as required by the client. (Note – any such recordings will be used solely for the clients use and will be destroyed after use).
  • Having agreed to participate will make every effort to attend unless there are unforeseen circumstances, when every effort will be made to contact TPR.
NOTE: Changes in Personal Information
If you have changes in personal details eg new email address, telephone numbers, address, etc, please DO NOT register again but email the information to mail@talkingpointresearch.com. Thank you.